Bahar Business School

The MBA & DBA courses that Bahar Business School offers is aimed to compose the proper condition for realization of the personal potential of the students. Bahar has designed this course for chief executive officers and businessmen and skills in the field of management in today’s business world. And as most of business programs offered all around the world, we provide our students access to a network of experienced businessmen, managers, alumni, faculty, and business leaders.

Briefly, we help our students to get a broad range of opportunities through passing a demanding and highly rewarding course and try to intensify the level of ambition, determination, commitment, and enthusiasm of learners. we will do our best to teach them how to tackle problems by improving their diagnosis and decision making skills.


The MBA and DBA certifications are recognized brands all around the world and the strength of a school's brand is based on many factors but the most important of them are the ability of institution to provide students with practical skills and opportunities for personal growth, and the scientific level of its students when they graduate. A powerful brand can give you the flexibility to build your career as you wish.

The MBA, Post MBA & DBA courses that we offer in Bahar Business School are approved by Iran Ministry of Science & Technology.
This ministry certifies our MBA and DBA certifications .

Students and Graduates

Aside from a powerful life experience and the ability to develop your career to its fullest potential at an accelerated pace ,Bahar Business School MBA is designed to help you get a better insight about your abilities and careers.

Applying the newest teaching system, Bahar Business School has held professional MBA course for 145 times and has more than 7000 MBA graduates, the majority of who are between 25– 50 years old. Bahar Business School offers Post MBA and DBA courses after graduating from MBA curse. Our selected applicants have a wealth of work experience (on average 10 years per student). 60 percent of these students are men and the remaining 40 percent are women .One of our major achievements is that even the PhD degree students are interested in our Post MBA & DBA programs which reflects the practical nature of our these program. Their diversity in their professional lives creates an interesting learning environment for them. They move together as a group of friends and work on projects in teams. This close, personal contact deepens their understanding of subjects and at the same time provides opportunities for networking.


International Contributing & Achivements

Hereby we gladly introducing Bahar Business School, the founder of MBA, Post MBA and DBA professional courses in Iran, to other honored companies.

Bahar Business school’s courses, are all approved by many countries during the years and our advantages and the quality of our courses we have had 7 years of great cooperation with international universities like these:

  • Lu Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Lulea University of Technology) in Sweden
  • Universidade do Algarve (University of the Algarve) in Portugal
  • Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) in Germany by holding Post Doctorate of Science in Business Administration

Bahar Business School is eager and tend to cooperate with our interest in starting educational and cooperation with different credible Business Schools holding practical MBA & DBA courses.

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